Megan Lai: Reliable with the Ladies

From the depths of the pit that is my love for Bromance-era Megan Lai, here's a thread of her being reliable with the ladies

Megan Lai, emperor of fanservice

Megan Lai's three moves for winning a girl's heart

'You're so handsome, I want to date you'

Megan Lai just collecting actresses left, right and centre

Megan Lai has enough love for everyone

I call this part 'chaotic bi icon Megan Lai'
(context: Tao Manman plays the male lead's sister in Bromance)

Chaotic bi icon Megan Lai, continued

These are basically the same picture

Once again I am here wanting to know how she can possibly be allowed to do this

Megan Lai, emperor of fanservice, pt 2

Also available as a video compilation (includes a couple of extras):

Originally tweeted by douqi (@DouQi7s) on May 15, 2021.