Purely by Accident

Original Title: 纯属意外

Author: 冷千山

Synopsis: Through an unlikely series of events, bandit chief Wei Zisong — who was raised as a boy for Reasons — finds herself engaged to Chu Feichen, the emperor’s eldest daughter. Through an even more unlikely series of events, they fall in love.

Length: 52 chapters + 2 extras

Word count: 185, 107 characters (original)

Translated by: douqi

Edited by: x_los

JJWXC links: The original novel can be found here on JJWXC. The author’s JJWXC page can be found here. Guides for navigating JJWXC can be found here and (in video form) here.

Version control: Source text retrieved from JJWXC on 29 May 2021. According to site records on that date, the first chapter was initially posted on 24 September 2010. The final chapter of the novel proper was posted on 24 January 2011. The last update to the novel (Extra #2) was on 8 August 2012.

A note on pinyin: The pinyin for kinship terms, titles, forms of address, etc generally follows the rules described in superborb’s pinyin guide.

Audio drama: There is an audio drama adaptation of the novel, which can be found here. An English subtitled version can be found here.


Table of Contents: