Couple of Mirrors

Landing page for all of my work relating to the 2021 c-drama Couple of Mirrors

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Couple of Mirrors Manhua

Description: A text translation of the Couple of Mirrors manhua, published by Kuaikan Comics.


Couple of Mirrors Novel Extra

Description: A translation of the extra written for the Couple of Mirrors novelisation by Li Zongchen (李宗晨), who is also the drama’s scriptwriter.


Couple of Mirrors Ending

Description: A write-up I did of the ending of the Couple of Mirrors drama while it was still airing. Spoilers, obviously.


Couple of Mirrors Historical AU (fan-made animated comic)

Synopsis: Historical AU where Xu Youyi is the sole surviving member of a noble family and Yan Wei is an assassin tasked with killing her. Art and story by 元菏. Reposted and subtitled with permission.


The Woman in the Mirror

Description: A fan edit based on the premise ‘what if Xu Youyi and Yan Wei were ex-girlfriends who run into each other again?’