Subtitling Projects

Legend of Yunqian (mini webdrama)

Synopsis: The disciples of the Lingchuan Sect have guarded the Fans of Heaven and Earth for nearly a hundred years. The only two disciples left now are Muyun and Huayue. The mischevious Huayue discovers that the Fan of Heaven possesses the power of time travel, setting off a sequence of unexpected events.


Legend of Yunze (mini webdrama)

Synopsis: Cultivator Jiang Zhaoyun’s sword Tange leads her to Changshui Village, where a mysterious young woman, A-Ze, has suddenly appeared. A-Ze senses something odd going on in Changshui Village, and asks Zhaoyun to join her in her investigation They gradually discover the truth behind the strange happenings in Changshui Village. Aided by A-Ze, Zhaoyun — who had always believed that all demons were evildoers, and less worthy than humans — comes to realise that humans can be even crueller and more rapacious than demons. After the events of Changshui Village, the two agree to travel to Mount Qingyuan together.


Legend of Yunze Special (mini webdrama)

Synopsis: A-Ze dies in Zhaoyun’s arms, and Zhaoyun is grief-stricken. In the present day, A-Ze wakes up from a dream with a start. Not only has she forgotten everything that happened in her past life, she’s also acquired a mysterious superpower: any person (regardless of gender) who touches her will fall madly in love with her for twenty-four hours. While making a delivery, A-Ze runs into the present-day version of Zhaoyun, who embraces her. She discovers that Zhaoyun is immune to her superpower. In order to restore A-Ze’s memories, Zhaoyun sets a plan in motion. Meanwhile, rich dudebro Fang QIngxun faces struggles of his own, as he realises he’s fallen in love with both women. What sparks will fly between the three of them?


Couple of Mirrors Historical AU (fan-made animated comic)

Synopsis: Historical AU where Xu Youyi is the sole surviving member of a noble family and Yan Wei is an assassin tasked with killing her. Art and story by 元菏. Reposted and subtitled with permission.

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Purely by Accident (audio drama) (ongoing)

Synopsis: Through an unlikely series of events, bandit chief and governor’s heir Wei Zisong — who was raised as a boy for Reasons — finds herself engaged to Princess Chu Feichen, the emperor’s eldest daughter. Through an even more unlikely series of events, they fall in love.

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  • An ongoing translation of the novel on which this audio drama is based is available here.


Short Films

  • Adorkable Shimei x Shijie
  • Back to Back
  • Beginning of Summer
  • Cat in the Eastern Palace
  • The Courtesan and the Female Scholar
  • Cross-Dressing Female Bodyguard Meets Runaway Princess
  • The Demonic Lord and the Virtuous Cultivator (cn: strangulation; imprisonment)
  • The Fox Spirit and the Little Priest
  • General Hua and the Little Princess (cn: suicide)
  • ‘Goodnight, My Child’
  • ‘Hello, Stepmother’ (Qi Zhuyin x Hua Xiangyi)
  • Help, I Accidentally Stole My Shixiong’s Crush!
  • The Hunter, or the Hunted?
  • I Became the Protagonist of a Quick Transmigration Novel???
  • ‘I Do Not Love My Future; I Love Guanyin’
  • ‘I Knew You Hadn’t Forgotten’ (cn: flashing images for first five seconds)
  • ‘I’ll Love You Where No One Can See’ (cn: guns, gunshots, death)
  • ‘I’ve Saved You Once Again, Little Princess’
  • The Little Disciple and Her Beautiful Shifu
  • The Lone Warrior
  • The Matchmaker Goddess and the Goddess of Wealth
  • The Physician and the Rabbit Spirit
  • The Physician and the Rabbit Spirit (Sequel)
  • A Search Through Nine Lifetimes
  • Sinan and Nianbei
  • Stealing a Heart (cn: blood; death)
  • Three Hundred Years Later – Part 1
  • Three Hundred Years Later – Part 2
  • Xiaoshimei’s Strategy Guide to Winning Her Shijie’s Heart
  • ‘You Were Once My Light’ (cn: strangulation; self-harm; character death; some blood)
  • The Young Master and the Tea-Picking Girl