Couple of Mirrors – Chapter 47: Weiyi

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It’s night, and Xu Youyi’s and Yan Wei’s clothes are lying in an abandoned heap on the bedroom floor, and you know what, I’m just going to let the next few panels speak for themselves (in the words of the great sage and poet Tagore Bai Juyi, there are times when silence is much more eloquent than speech).

The next morning, a newsboy rushes along the street outside the studio, shouting, ‘Extra! Extra! The court has convicted Zhou Heng of manslaughter, and sentenced him to imprisonment for ten years!’

Xu Youyi throws open the shutters,

and stretches happily in the sunlight.

Yan Wei goes up to her and wraps her arms around Xu Youyi from behind.

Xu Youyi turns to look at her. ‘Weiwei, what do you think of “Weiyi” as the title for my new book?’

‘It’s probably impossible for a book like that to get published,’ says Yan Wei.

‘Then I won’t publish it,’ says Xu Youyi. ‘I’ll write it just for the two of us.’

‘Weiyi… Weiwei’s joy,’ Xu Youyi muses. ‘Life is unpredictable, but as long as you’re happy, Weiwei, that’s enough.’

And then it’s four months later.

Yan Wei leans tenderly over Xu Youyi as the latter lies in bed. ‘Time to get up,’ she says.

Xu Youyi steals a peek at her, then rolls over and goes back to sleep.

‘Xie Yifan’s train leaves at two in the afternoon,’ Yan Wei tells her. ‘If we leave now, we can still make it. He’s your friend, after all, and he did get injured because of you.’

Xu Youyi sits up indignantly. ‘Why are you making me see him off? He’s a grown man, he knows how to get on a train!’

‘Oh, I get it now!’ Yan Wei declares.

‘Get what?’ asks Xu Youyi.

‘You don’t want him to see how ugly you look now,’ says Yan Wei. ‘That’s why you don’t want to see him off.’

Xu Youyi is indignant again. ‘Me, ugly? Try saying that one more time, Yan Weiwei!’

‘I don’t think you’re ugly,’ says Yan Wei, leaning down and cupping Xu Youyi’s chin in her hand. ‘But you definitely think he’ll think you are.’

‘Since when did you develop such a silver tongue?’ Xu Youyi wonders.

‘You’re afraid to go and see him,’ says Yan Wei. ‘Is it because you still like him a little bit?’

‘Who says I’m afraid?’ Xu Youyi demands.

Then she seems to realise her mistake. ‘No! What I mean is, who says I still like him?’ she demands, as she starts climbing out of bed.

Yan Wei hustles Xu Youyi out the door. ‘There’s no time for you to put on makeup.’

‘That’s too much, Yan Weiwei,’ Xu Youyi protests. ‘You know I even put on makeup to see Xiao Pang the milk delivery boy.’

Xu Youyi is still protesting as they drive off. ‘Fine, fine, I won’t put on makeup. But could you at least let me wash my face?’

At the train station, Xie Yifan is saying goodbye to his colleagues. ‘All gatherings must come to an end. Let’s say goodbye here.’

‘We have to,’ jokes one of his colleagues. ‘If we go any further, we’ll end up in Beiping with you!’

‘I didn’t expect your visit to Shanghai to be so haunted by misfortune,’ says the other colleague. ‘You’re very lucky to have avoided serious harm.’

‘I’m sure there will be good things waiting for you in the future!’ says the first colleague. ‘How could someone as talented as you be brought low by petty rascals before you’ve had a chance to accomplish great deeds?’

‘I’m not ambitious,’ says Xie Yifan modestly. ‘We’re living in uncertain times, and all I wish for is the chance to do something useful for our country.’

‘You are wise, Mr Xie,’ says the second colleague.

Xie Yifan catches sight of Xu Youyi and Yan Wei as they approach the platform. ‘Youyi!’ he exclaims.

He rushes over to her. ‘I didn’t expect you to come and see me off.’

‘Stay safe on your travels,’ Xu Youyi tells him. ‘It’s nearly autumn, and the weather in Beiping is cold, so please take care of your health. Great deeds are all very well and good, but staying alive is important too.’

‘I know,’ says Xie Yifan. He smiles at Xu Youyi as Yan Wei glares daggers at him.

Xie Yifan makes as if to embrace Xu Youyi. Yan Wei, her senses on high alert, steps forward—

—and ends up taking Xu Youyi’s place in Xie Yifan’s arms.

‘Sorry,’ she tells Xie Yifan. ‘She’s pregnant. It wouldn’t be very comfortable for her.’

Xie Yifan laughs nervously. ‘Er… that makes sense. Haha.’

The station clock strikes two, and Xie Yifan heads towards his departing train. ‘Youyi, please take good care of yourself,’ he tells her. ‘If you have any problems in the future, please do let me know.’

‘Take care,’ says Xu Youyi, waving him goodbye.

As Xu Youyi and Yan Wei leave the station, Xu Youyi snaps, ‘You did that on purpose!’

‘Huh?’ asks Yan Wei.

‘You wanted him to see me like this, so he’d forget about me once and for all, didn’t you?’ Xu Youyi demands.

‘So what if I did?’ asks Yan Wei. ‘If you didn’t still like him, you wouldn’t care!’

Xu Youyi takes Yan Wei’s arm and leans her head on Yan Wei’s shoulder. ‘Look at you, getting jealous over the smallest things,’ she chides. ‘I’m the only one in the world who’s willing to indulge you like this.’

They both smile.

Jiang Bin and Chen Yong are watching them from a distance. ‘Boss, we’ve been keeping Yan Wei under surveillance for a the last few months,’ says Chen Yong. ‘And we still haven’t seen anything suspicious. Could someone else have murdered Zhang Wan?’

‘As far as the case is concerned, we definitely haven’t seen anything suspicious over the last few months,’ Jiang Bin acknowledges. He stares at Xu Youyi and Yan Wei’s departing backs. ‘But there is something a bit odd about their relationship.’


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Translator’s note:

  • The character ‘yi’ in Xu Youyi’s name means joy, or happiness.

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