Couple of Mirrors – Chapter 50: A Matter of Life and Death

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(cn: child abduction, blood, guns, gunshots)

Xu Youyi struggles to get out of bed.

‘Hold her down!’ shouts one of the doctors.

‘What are you doing?’ Xu Youyi demands, struggling against the doctor’s grip.

‘Don’t move! Don’t move!’ the doctor tells her.

The other doctor advances on her, syringe in hand.

‘What are you doing?’ Xu Youyi demands again.

‘Let go of me!’ screams Xu Youyi, and manages to slap the syringe out of the doctor’s hand. She reaches for the IV bottle and breaks it over the doctor’s head.

She rakes a shard of broken glass across the doctor’s face, and the doctor collapses onto the floor.

‘I’ll kill whoever tries to come close!’ she declares, holding up the shard of glass in her bloody hand.

She rushes out of the room, looks around, and catches sight of Zhou Heng in the courtyard below. He’s heading towards his car, the baby in his arms.

‘Zhou Heng!’ Xu Youyi shouts. ‘Zhou Heng! Zhou Heng, stop right there!’

Zhou Heng glances up at her. They couldn’t even take care of a weak woman, he thinks disdainfully. How pathetic.

He gets into the car. Whatever. I’ll just leave her be.

Xu Youyi races down the stairs after him. ‘Give me back my baby!’

Meanwhile, Yan Wei is despatching her last opponent with two gunshots in the face.

Jiang Bin and Chen Yong come running up. ‘Stop!’ shouts Jiang Bin.

Yan Wei hands him the gun. ‘You’ve come at just the right time, Detective Jiang.’

The bullet wound in Yan Wei’s stomach is bleeding profusely. ‘These men tried to kill me for no reason,’ she explains. ‘I snatched one of their guns and wounded them in legitimate self-defence.’

‘Bring all these men back to the police station for questioning!’ Jiang Bin tells Chen Yong.

‘Yes, boss!’ Chen Yong responds.

Jiang Bin turns back to Yan Wei. ‘Are you all right? Do you need me to take you to the hospital?’

Yan Wei tears a strip of fabric from the hem of her dress and binds her wound with it. ‘No need! I can get there myself.’

She hops into her car and speeds off.

‘Stay here and round these men up,’ Jiang Bin instructs Chen Yong. ‘I’ll go after her.’

‘Yes!’ says Chen Yong.

Yan Wei arrives at the hospital in time to see Xu Youyi stumbling out of the front door. ‘Youyi! What happened?’

‘Weiwei, Zhou Heng took the baby!’ cries Xu Youyi. She points towards Zhou Heng’s departing car. ‘They’re in that car over there!’

‘Get into the car!’ Yan Wei tells her, as they both head towards their car. ‘After them!’

They follow Zhou Heng through the streets of Shanghai. Zhou Heng looks up from dandling the baby in his lap and sees them.

‘Drive faster,’ he says.

When Zhou Heng and his bodyguards arrive at the train station, he realises that Xu Youyi and Yan Wei are still following closely behind.

‘Kill them!’ he tells one of his bodyguards.

‘Yes, Young Master,’ the bodyguard responds. He rushes towards Xu Youyi and Yan Wei, brandishing a knife.

He swings the knife at Yan Wei, who dodges easily.

‘Watch out, Weiwei!’ cries Xu Youyi.

‘Don’t worry,’ Yan Wei reassures her, as she evades another attack from Zhou Heng’s bodyguard. ‘Go on ahead. I’ll catch up with you soon!’

Zhou Heng and his remaining bodyguard arrive at the train platform, but Xu Youyi is hot on his heels. ‘Zhou Heng!’ she calls out.

The bodyguard holds her back, and she struggles in his grip. ‘Give me back my baby! Give me back my baby!’

‘Give him back to you?’ says Zhou Heng coldly. ‘But he’s the Zhou family’s flesh and blood.’

‘He can’t be separated from his mother so young,’ pleads Xu Youyi. ‘For the sake of the love we shared—’

‘Love?’ Zhou Heng breaks in. ‘Is there still any love lost between us?’

‘A-Heng…’ Xu Youyi begins.

Zhou Heng hands the baby to his bodyguard. ‘Never say my name again,’ he tells her. ‘You’re not worthy!’ He pulls out a gun and points it at her.

‘I’ve already given you so many chances,’ he adds. ‘You brought this — all of this — on yourself. I’ll see you again in the next life, Xu Youyi.’

Xu Youyi stares back at him, eyes wide with fear.


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