List of Asian WLW Dramas


Lily Fever (2015, South Korea)

Love Songs, Love Stories: Pae Jai (2015, Thailand)

The Rich Man’s Daughter (2015, Philippines)

Transit Girls (2015, Japan)

The Girls on Rela (2017, China)

We Are Gamily (2017, Taiwan)

1 in 10,000 (2018, South Korea)

Am I the Only One with Butterflies? (2018, South Korea)

Do You Want to Play Truth or Dare with Me? (2019, South Korea)

Girlfriend (2019, Thailand)

Handsome Stewardess (2019, Taiwan)

More Than or Equal to 75 Degrees Celsius (2019, South Korea)

Out of Breath (2019, South Korea)

Romantic Witch’s Starlight Sonata (2019, South Korea)

Chasing Sunsets (2020, Philippines)

Firsts (Season 3) (2020, India)

  • Playlist (note: playlist is missing Episode 5, which can be found here)

Friend Zone 2: Dangerous Area (2020, Thailand)

Legend of Yunqian (2020, China)

My Little Sister (2020, Vietnam)

Pearl Next Door (2020, Philippines)

BetCin (2021, Philippines)

Couple of Mirrors (2021, China)

Fragrance of the First Flower (2021, Taiwan)

Dear Uranus (2021, Taiwan)

Legend of Yunze (2021, China)

Legend of Yunze Special (2021, China)

School’s Out, Let’s Date Now! (2021, Vietnam)

LULU (2022, Philippines)

*Note: All links are to versions with English subtitles. Please check reviews and comments for any content warnings.


GAP the Series (Thailand)

Sleep with Me (Philippines)

Yun Zhi Xi (China)