Megan Lai on Cafe.Waiting.Love

I would apologise for this turning into a Megan Lai stan account overnight, but I regret NOTHING

(don’t worry, our regularly scheduled programming will be resuming shortly after this)

In the meantime: did the world really need an ‘every time Megan Lai makes coffee on Cafe.Waiting.Love, except for the truly bizarre ones in the post-credits scene’ compilation? Probably not. Did I make one anyway? Hell yes

Here’s Megan Lai rolling her eyes

Megan Lai saying ‘廢話’ (‘rubbish’)

Megan Lai shushing people

Megan Lai reminding us that there is no guilt in love

Seriously, the biggest plot hole in this entire movie is why the female lead (left) didn’t fall hopelessly in love with Megan Lai’s character within five seconds of meeting her

(okay, this — from the BTS — is more like it)

Megan Lai declaring ‘she’s gone completely mad’

Megan Lai doing … whatever this is 😳

Megan Lai, Vivian Chow and the romance that could have been 😭

Megan Lai smiling (it seems appropriate that this is the last shot of the entire film)

Megan Lai threatening murder 🥺

(I also uploaded the gifs to tenor, in case anyone wanted to use them)

That’s it for now, at least until I finish my third rewatch of Bromance

(speaking of which, has anyone made a fan edit shipping megan lai’s bromance character with her character, and if not, why not)

Originally tweeted by douqi (@DouQi7s) on May 9, 2021.